What We Do

BabyBuddy are hear to help you with some basic information and to understand the in and outs of the letters you recieve and the doctors and specailist you may come across as your child develops.

BabyBuddy holds a drop-in morning every Tuesday 10 till 12 at Play in Worthing, we have access to a full sensory play area there is also a cafe on site. Our groups are free of charge and no booking is needed. We also offer free baby massage, sing and sign and lots more on different dates. If you are intrested in these please like our facebook page for up to date information and events.

Through half terms babybuddy will also arrange days out these can be last minute days out so also like our facebook page for this information.

BabyBuddy also arrange events all year round from children free events and adults nights, These have all been a great succsess and if anyone has any ideas or would like to organise an event with our help please get in contact.

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